Utilizing Fuse5 Automotive Software’s Training Videos & How-Tos

When you begin with Fuse5 Automotive Software, you receive personal training on how to set up and implement the software. However, as you go forward, you may experience the need for additional training or troubleshooting. That is why we compiled a library of training videos and how-tos for all Fuse5 Automotive Software customers to use, […]

Why Sell Auto Parts Online

It’s estimated that only about 30 percent of small businesses are currently selling their products online. It begs the question: What are you waiting for? Online shopping is a multi-hundred-billion-dollar industry today, and you don’t need to be one of the giant e-Commerce sites or a big corporation to take advantage of it. In fact, selling […]

Fuse5 Automotive Software CRM FAQ’s

Fuse5 Automotive Software’s CRM is designed to help you create, track and convert leads. Simplify customer relationship management for you and your salespeople with software created specifically for the automotive aftermarket. See what people are asking us about our CRM with these frequently asked questions. What features does the Fuse5 Automotive Software offer to keep […]

4 Reasons to Switch from a General POS to Fuse5 Automotive Software

A lot of companies that sell point of sale software claim to have POS for the automotive aftermarket, but they’re really just repackaging their general POS. While these general POS systems may have some of the features you need, switching to software created for the automotive aftermarket can help you stay on top of your sales, and give […]

Inventory Management Software FAQ’s

Fuse5 Automotive Software’s Inventory Management system allows you to conveniently manage all facets of your inventory in one place. Learn more about the standard features included in Inventory Management with these frequently asked questions. What capabilities does Fuse5 Automotive Software’s Warehouse Management have? Our warehouse management allows you to know exactly what you have in your warehouse […]

Point of Sale Management Software FAQ’s

Fuse5 Automotive Software’s Point of Sale management system includes many exciting and cutting-edge features. Fuse5’s POS works as a solution for all your selling needs and works as the best-in-class ERP for companies in the automotive aftermarket. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Point of Sale management system: Can I bill my […]

A Conversation with John Matheson – Owner of ROTEX

John Matheson is the owner of ROTEX Auto Parts & Supplies, out of Gardena, California. ROTEX uses Fuse5 Automotive Software for a number of applications. “Fuse5 is an automotive software company; we use it a lot for point of sale and application lookup. They have tailored a program specifically to my needs, and it was priced accordingly […]